Send Them on Their Journey


3 John 6 …You will do well to send them on their journey in a manner worthy of God.

How many of us think of ourselves as missionaries; people who have left home, wealth, stability and sometimes freedom to spread the Gospel? Not many. Personally, I think someday in the future I would like to, but not today. That doesn’t mean I stand on the side-lines of missionary work waiting for God to put me in the game. No, not at all! We are ALL in the game positioned somewhere on the field doing our part on His team doing the work of His ministry. There are no sideliners on God’s team! Even when we feel He has benched us due to failure, sickness, diminished resources, or lack of vision; He is still using us to assist our team mates still on the field. How? We cover them with prayer. O! How mighty and powerful our prayers are for our brothers and sisters on the mission field! We support them financially. Even a small personal financial sacrifice for the sake of another in a country far away is a huge blessing! We communicate with others of their needs so they can also join in with whatever support the Lord moves them to give. Lastly, but not the least – we reach out to them with our personal phone calls, emails, and social media posts. You have no idea how much these personal touches brighten the day of a weary sojourner for Christ.

Today, remember the brethren in the field for the Gospel. Remember and act! We do well to support and send Christian soldiers out in the world, on the spiritual battle field. They are saving souls. We do well to send them in a manner worthy of God!

3 John 8 – Therefore we ought to support people like these, that we may be fellow workers for the truth.


About athenammorris

Wife, mother, step-mother, and grandmother. I first came to the Lord in 1986. However, I backslid for a few years and rededicated my life to the Lord in 1990. Since then, my road through sanctification has been long and hard; mostly the result of my own rebellion. However in 2011, I finally I completely surrendered to His will and not my own and began to experience spiritual growth. My hope for this blog; people will be encouraged in their daily walk with the Lord. I'm a normal-joe-Christian just like every other Christian; struggling with the flesh, enduring trials, living life all with the intent of glorify and pleasing God. View all posts by athenammorris

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