Compass: (1) direction finder: a device for finding directions, usually with a magnetized needle that automatically swings to magnetic north.

My husband rarely needs such trivial contraptions! He has a natural sense of north. I attribute it to his “magnetic” personality! It’s a handy talent, but it isn’t the most efficient way to get to a new destination on time. Using his internal “compass” he travels through strange neighborhoods, crosses several lanes of highway to make impromptu exits, and ends up in a dead-end or two along the way. Suggestions such as using a map are not welcome. My deep sighs are irritating. By the time we’ve reached our destination we can barely cover our aggravation with each other with fake smiles and happy greetings. After our adventurous journey, finding our way back to a loving attitude is almost as tedious and tiring as the trip.

Like our daily travels, we often rely on our own understanding and follow our natural direction as we spiritually walk through life. We forget to rely on our heavenly navigation system; the Holy Spirit and wander about in doubt needlessly. We lose our course when we fail to follow our map, the Word of God, which keeps us on the narrow road of righteousness. Our relationships suffer as we succumb to frustration. However, when we seek first His kingdom, our final destination, and diligently search His word for wisdom in all our pursuits; He faithfully leads and guides us accordingly to His perfect will. We do not need to guess or become anxious, even if the objective is unclear. He is more trustworthy than a needle in a watery globe to rely on for direction and His word more accurate than any manmade map. He is the creator of the earth and the heavens. His course is sure. His way is right. Therefore, put your faith in Him and follow closely the course He has set you on.

Psalm 25:5 Lead me in your truth and teach me, for you are the God of my salvation; for you I wait all the day long.


About athenammorris

Wife, mother, step-mother, and grandmother. I first came to the Lord in 1986. However, I backslid for a few years and rededicated my life to the Lord in 1990. Since then, my road through sanctification has been long and hard; mostly the result of my own rebellion. However in 2011, I finally I completely surrendered to His will and not my own and began to experience spiritual growth. My hope for this blog; people will be encouraged in their daily walk with the Lord. I'm a normal-joe-Christian just like every other Christian; struggling with the flesh, enduring trials, living life all with the intent of glorify and pleasing God. View all posts by athenammorris

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