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Jesus loves me this I know

Jesus Loves Me, This I know…

John 16:27 “…for the Father himself loves you, because you have loved me and have believed that I came from God.”

He loves us! Plain and simple, with no gimmicks and no “first you have to…” requirements. There is no guessing or wondering if it’s true. We don’t have to pluck the petals of a flower practicing amorous roulette to test His love from one day to the next with: “He loves me, He loves me not.” No – not this love! With every moment and every breath we are loved by the All Mighty, Creator, Alpha & Omega because we believe in Jesus Christ, the beloved Son of God!! Revel in that today!


The shadow

Too many times I glance back at the shadow of condemnation that taunts me. It sneers at me and reminds me of the temptations I failed to ignore, the broad road I chose to revel in, the depths of debauchery I indulged in. It calls out to me day in and day out: “liar, cheat, murderer, fornicator!” Alas, it is only a shadow that disappears in the flooding light of my Savior! I am justified and perfect in my Jesus! I am continually being perfected by the sanctification of the Holy Spirit! Rejoice O my soul and turn a deaf ear to your enemy! Take hold of that which Christ has done for you!


Heb 12:23 …made perfect…